The status of the development

Weekly git tagging

@masatake is implementing weekly automatic git tagging run at GitHub Actions. Many people, especially binary packagers, have wanted official version tags. Tag names will follow the form: v5.9.YYYYMMDD.0.

Updated: The form of the tag names has been changed to p5.9.YYYYMMDD.0, where ā€œpā€ means periodical.

The action will not create a tag if no change is committed within a week after the last tagging.

New maintainer for (System)Verilog parser

@hirooih joins the team as the maintainer of (System)Verilog parser. @hirooih solved a long standing issue of the parser: supporting defined types.

Julia parser

@getzze opened an pull request for adding a parser for Julia Programming Language. @getzze and @masatake are working on merging it to u-ctags.